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They say memories are golden

    And maybe that is true.

We never wanted memories

     We only wanted you.


Maya was our beautiful blue-eyed snow princess, a rescued Siberian Husky. We lost her March 3, 2011 to a coyote attack.  She was sweet, funny, and a typical Siberian Husky. We love her dearly and were devastated by her loss. In Maya's honor and memory, we are fostering and adopting Siberian Huskies in need. This website is a chronicle of our efforts to remember her and to honor her by helping other Sibes who need us. We could not save Maya, but we can save others.

Maya in her favorite place - her den (under the bed). 

Run free and proud in your silver harness, sweet Maya, north of the Rainbow Bridge. 

We will always love and remember you, precious baby. 

Bob & Brenda Weddle

Maya’s Star


Maya’s Star is shining bright

In the heavens clear tonight.

More are saved and finding homes,

Less are facing the unknown.

More are cared for, kindness felt.

Human hearts begin to melt,

Watching those, the lucky ones

Playing hard and having fun.


Knowing now good things are here

Never again will they know fear.

Huskies all,  and others, too,

Finding love with me and you.


By Brenda Weddle 05/23/11


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