Aiyana is a little 5-6 month old husky girl in NYC/NJ that was severely injured in an accident. She was an owner surrender to the shelter, and was rescued by Husky House of NJ. We have adopted her as part of Maya's legacy. She will now have a new life with us and a new name - Aiyana, which is blossoming flower in the Inuit language.

Here is the post that was on Sibernet-L that drew me to this little girl: 

OMG! Look at this poor girl! Her name is Hennessy and she is only 5-6 months old. Her owners dumped her off at the CACC and she can not walk. Stupid kids put her on a slide and she fell off on SATURDAY! They wait until now to drop her at the shelter. What is wrong with people! She has been in pain and unable to walk since Saturday! Huge thanks to Mary for dropping everything and going to pick this poor girl up. She will be going right to our orthopedic specialist to find out what is broken and to fix the damagae done ASAP! Check back for more details. She will also NEED A FOSTER HOME! If you would like to foster her or make a donation for her medical bills please log on to our website at

Here is a post from Husky House Facebook from Thursday 03/10/2011 and why it is such a miracle that Aiyana/Hennessy is coming to us:

Last night we recieved devastating news that Hennessy had no chance at a normal life and she had a broken pelvis on both sides and a broken tailbone leaving her nerves damaged to the point of total incontinence. Surgery would have been scary with the way poop and pee was leaking out of her she would have a major risk of infection. H...owever, some good news. One was that Brenda from SIBERNET has come forward to adopt this little girl. She is an angel to take on this sweet baby girl. Hennessy deserves a second chance at a new future and Brenda has offered it to her. YAY BRENDA! I can't thank you enough. Also we got good news from the surgeon. Hennessy got up this morning and peed on her own and walked on her own. For now NO surgery. She will be givin medication to stimulate growth in her nerves and strict crate rest for 6 weeks. Hopefuly she regains more control in her nerves as time goes on. She will have athritis in future, but at least it looks like she will have a future. Now we just need to get her transported to TN and keep praying for a good and speedy recovery! - DebSee More


Bob with Aiyana the day we picked her up after transport. 

 Aiyana and her BFF Penny, our rescue Golden Retriever puppy.


Here is Kodiak at 3 months. What a sweet boy, and big, too! 

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