Thanks so much to Amy and a Pathway to Hope northern breed rescue and all the others who transported, fostered or in any other way helped this beautiful little family. Thank you so much!

The first to be saved under Maya's legacy was this Mama Siberian Husky mix and her 8 puppies. Sally was dumped in someone's yard shortly before she gave birth. The people who were caring for her were unable to keep them from danger and asked for help. A Pathway to Hope answered and we now fostering them. 


Female #1 -  Beth


 Female #2 - Jenny

 Female #3 - Sara

 Female #4 - Lila


                       Male #1 - Kodiak We just couldn't let this boy leave, so we adopted him.


            Male #2 - Little Bear

                  Male #3 - Winston

 Male #4 - Romeo

Today Saturday April 2, 2011, Sally and 7 of her 8 puppies (Kodiak is staying with us) started the journey to their new lives in New Jersey. Bob & I took the first two legs of the transport from our home in Gleason, TN, to Nashville, TN. We left them in the very capable hands of Lisa Warren, who drove the next two legs of the transport. The family has arrived in Roanoke, VA, for their overnight tonight, and will complete their journey tomorrow evening. We have been told they are doing well, and that one interview has already been done for one of the puppies. We hope they all find wonderful forever homes soon.  We miss them already!

Sally, Beth, Sara, Lila, Jenny, Romeo, Winston and Little Bear arrived safely at their new foster home in NJ on Sunday night 04/03/11. At last report, Sally was resting on the couch and the babies were playing. 

As of Tuesday 04/12/11, five of Sally's babies have been adopted to wonderful homes. There is also a sweet lady interested in Sally. Hopefully, Sally and her two remaining babies - Sara and Winston - will soon find wonderful forever homes. This has all been truly a miracle - a pregnant, sweet natured unwanted Siberian Husky mix, dumped on the roadside in Mississippi close to her time to give birth, whelping eight healthy, beautiful babies in the yard of someone who cared enough to try to take care of them, then A Pathway to Hope answering their call to help this little family. Temporary fostering in Tennessee, transport by volunteers from Tennessee to New Jersey to their new foster home, then finding their own forever homes. The power of rescue at work.The Lord was watching over Sally and her family. It is heartwarming!

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