Please help us welcome Tala (formerly Julie) to our home as a recipient of Maya's Legacy.  Tala is a one year old Wolf Hybrid who was in desperate need of rescue. My friend Elaine (with whom I work) had spoken to me about this girl on Friday 04/15/11. She said the dog had been destructive and the owner was going to turn it loose. She asked me if I might be interested in the dog. Of course, I told her I was. Friday evening I received a phone call from Elaine, who said the owner was going to shoot the dog for tearing up a UPS package, and asked if we would go ahead and take her. I told her yes and we arranged to meet Saturday 04/16/11 for us to pick the dog up from her. We picked up Julie/Tala and took her to the vet. She had been spayed but was due for her vaccinations. She is heartworm negative, but did have whipworms and was covered in ticks. The vet and I picked off as many as we could and then put some flea & tick preventive on her. She got her vaccinations, was wormed and home we went. I could not get her to walk on a leash - she would cower down and go under my car. Obviously this sweet girl had been abused. She stuck to me like glue and still does. She spent the night in a crate so she and the pack could get used to one another. I let her out of the crate this morning and introduced her to the rest of the pack. Everything went very well. We decided to change her name from Julie to Tala to try to help her forget her previous life of abuse. Tala is a Native American word for wolf. The first time I used the name, she wagged her tail. I took that to mean she likes it. As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Well, she is certainly a treasure to us.

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